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Elite Russian Escorts Agency always seeking best Russian , European , East European and Brazilian female Escorts. Young girls and women who have unique and great personalities are always welcomed to apply. They also have to be beautiful , have seriousness in them towards their profession and need to be self-motivated as starters with bulks of charms.

It is a rule that Escort girls need to be aged between 18 to 33 years old if you wish to apply. They must accept all our terms and conditions including the one which states that you are self-employed in our services which is the most important one. We can assure you confidently that the photographs and the details that you will be sending to us will always be top secret and hence you shall be relieved of the fear of any kind of leakage or your identity exposure.


The spaces in the form below have to be filled along with the uploading of the recent photo as a process to be selected for the Escort Elite Russian services. At the moment, is looking for European, Russian, Brazilian Escort ladies who already live and study in china and escort all regions of Asia-Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Macau , Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore. Pls call sms whatsapp


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